The bugs are stronger each year!

The Bugs are getting Stronger each year! You can get over this without medication!

It hit me the moment we went for a 10-day holiday – the worst upper respiratory infection I ever encountered.

Luckily, as always when we go on holiday, a cooler bag with the Inner Fruits health range go with us.

I could start with:

Inner Fruits Vitamin C powder (18 spoons = 18 g per day)

Olive – Immune 3 caps 4 times per day

Mineral-wise with lots of zinc and 5 more minerals

Micro-sweep to deal with yeast (and perhaps parasitic organisms) is a must

Flora – a few of our clientele say that this is the one product that they always take when a cold/flu hit them.

Acetyl cystein amino acids: You may need acetyl cysteine against built up of phlegm

Neurest as your body is under stress!

IF Neurest 60caps

Protect Cover me – cloud and Fire cream to rub inside the nostrils (helps release phlegms and dryness)

Sleep: I could sleep 24-7 for 6 days!

I had no taste or smell for 6 days – the temperature went only after 5 days!

Get Oxygen-wise should the bugs go to your bronchial area.

Gargle gargle gargle! 

If we gargle with the right stuff every 3 hours the bugs do not travel down to your lungs.Try Purify me (nr 2 in the box) essential oil mix (1 few drops in a tablespoon of water…)

And most important! – is that I could get over this one once again without medication and / or antibiotics.Our family did not need antibiotics for 35 years, and our clientele find the benefit for the past 20 years when doing as we suggest.

And take note! – we simply cannot stop using these supplements after 7 days – we need to back this up for at least another 2 weeks, though much less than during the critical period. (see Immunity sheet for maintenance dose after the Therapeutic dosages)

Vitamin C Intravenous gives us a final backup – and some Methylcobalamine injections (high dosage = 2250 mcg per 1 drop in the upper leg, subcutaneous, for the tiredness).

Perf. spray Micvah 5ml

Mikvah roomspray have ingredients that are proven to be antibacterial (spray 4 times per day in the room, and smell it to clear nasal channels!)Tests were done on these ingredients in a hospital in Washington!

Contact us for the Inner fruits immunity sheet, health products, C intravenous, Methylcobalamine, detox diet and more.

A health evaluation (per email is possible) may be your best option.

Antibiotics is not an option – please do not help the bugs to get stronger each year! Too many antibiotic resistant strains are growing and flourishing.

Vaccines are not an option! – I still see clientele who testify what happened after their child/baby/mom received the flu vaccine…

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