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The Story of Raffa the doggy

The Story of Raffa, the doggy who was picked up along side the road


Day 1  (3 months old)                        Day 3                             Day 14



12 weeks later (6 months old)

Raffa was 3 months old when two young women saw him swaying to and fro next to the Langverwacht road in Kuils river. 

They called for help, for he was completely wild, disorientated and blood from head to toes. His legs folded in under him, his eyes were the saddest I have ever seen in a human or animal.

They too him to a vet who mercifully treated him for free on that Sunday afternoon end of May 2013.

He had mange, was full of sores and blood from head to toes. Antibiotics saved his life, and there his road towards full recovery started. With lots of care and love he could live; but a miserable sight.

I suggested the girls give him the following natural supplement plan:

Omega-Raffa and Inner Fruits vitamin C powder (Ph 7)

This phenomenal multi omega oil product was compounded  (as I had all the ingredients here in my essential oil laboratory), and given in white yoghurt every day, together with vitamin C Powder (Inner Fruits brand).

Spoil the Doggy Shampoo

He was washed in “Spoil the Doggy Shampoo” which was developed 12 months before for my own doggie (Toffie)  for a skin condition.

Protect skin cream

Then they packed his skin with the “Protect cream” also compouned here in 2003. Protect contains an olive oil based cream, with vitamins A, C, E, zinc, selenium, evening primrose oil and 0.5% tea tree.

Every day, for 5 days his blanket had to be thrown away, from the puss that oozed from his skin.

He was fed and loved, and on day 3 he started to get up on his legs again. On day 5 he tried to play with the girls.

Follow the photos from day 1 to week 7. Within 6 weeks all his hair grew back on his body, and he looks amazing. Now after 3 months of loving care he is the happiest 6 months old doggie, with just sometimes, the sadness in his eyes – still…

Please, adopt a doggy before you decide to buy a pedigree dog.


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