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The Truths about Restoration / balance acidity after Detoxifying

Struggling with constipation, acid, female/male health conditions, tired and weak after sports events/sleeplessness, winter fingers/toes (chilblains), cardio problems/heart beat irregular/dizzy spells, acid and heart burn, irritability, skin problems, arthritis, blood clots/poor circulation & bowel discomfort?


Are you using diuretics, laxatives?
Have you heard of the young man dying on the sports field?
Are your hormones playing havoc – feeling emotional?

It may all start with your internal and blood pH not being in the range that it should be.
Look at your swimming pool – when the pH changed into the wrong direction suddenly there are green algae growing and even parasites. The pool looks groggy and sick. Restoring the acid balance in your intestinal body & blood is the same as when we restore our pool from green to clear – we merely added the correct substances to correct the ph.  Parasites and unwelcome organisms cannot live in the healthy restored acidity and die off.
Our blood, organs and inner body parts are linked to the external environment by an intricately woven intestinal region – starting at the mouth, including stomach (for digestion), small intestine (for absorption), and large intestine (for eliminating waste and poison).
A healthy digestive system is synonymous with healthy blood and a healthy body. This area-digestive tract-leads digested food into the blood system and poisonous breakdown products out. The acidity/pH in each part of this tract contributes to best absorption and restoration from a change in pH / acidity.
Autopsies on people struggling with arthritic and pain pathways showed atrophy of the intestinal (small intestine) lining – wrinkling very much the same as the skin of aged people. Taking mostly (80%) raw food and even starting each meal with raw salads/vegetables/fruit contribute to the enzymes needed for restoration.
This week’s special is restoring your body/acid balance with 3 products;
Mineral-wise, ZoëNight & Omega-wise

Follow these steps to restore the intestinal and blood pH;
Repeat detoxification (with Micro-sweep & flora) every 6 months. Drink a glass of water every 1.5 to 2 hours. Eat your food mostly (80%) raw. And take the following 3 supplements daily;

  • Day minerals – Mineral-wise
  • Night-minerals – ZoëNight
  • Omega-fatty acid balance – Omega-wise

Mineral-wise (mornings) & ZoëNight (lunch hour and late afternoon):
Contains high potassium + 5 more “Cinderella” minerals
Compounded initially against baby-colic (and now also for you!)
Natural anti-acid/pH restoring
Intestinal and Blood acidity restored –
prevent parasites/yeast/microbes from growing
High potassium facilitates proton pumps at cellular level –
What does this mean?
Proton pumps facilitate transport of nutrients into cells and poison out
Dizzy spells and blood sugar regulation
Chilblains (winter fingers/toes)
Numbness in arms/legs/finger tips
Cardiovascular health, sleeping pattern restored and hormonal health

Do you struggle with your hormones?
Is your prostate in perfect health (are you over the 60’s?)

Omega-3 Fatty acids
Omega-wise contains high amount of the omega-3 fatty acids plus DHA
Thinking of our cells to be like ‘jelly fish’ -able to move, due to a phospholipids/fatty acid that aids in transport of nutrients into cells and poisons out.

Ingesting dirty oils (chips/margarine etc) may cause toxicity due to trans fatty acids forming at cellular level – and these may even block healthy hormones!
Our bodies cannot manufacture the essential (omega3) fatty acids by itself – it needs these in ‘supplement’ form.

Omega-wise is needed for:
Healthy brain and nervous system
Our brain and nervous system contains large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids (from omega-3 supplements and eating of oily fish (pilchard/mackerel).
Anti-blood clotting factors (look at your red blood cells- Dark Field microscopy
is a lovely aid in ‘seeing is believing.’
Prostaglandin synthesis (anti-pain and anti-inflammatory pathways
pre-menstrual/arthritis/constant in pain/tempero mandibular (jaw) pain,
skin problems, bowel pain/constipation and more)
Proper breastfeeding due to DHA in this omega-3 products, plus eye health!
Driving nutrients into the cells and poisons out – not causing an acid terrain between our blood and the cells.

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