Thought you do not need to detox again?

Microbes in the intestines and blood

After struggling with the symptoms of Chronic fatigue Immune Disfunction – what a pleasure and miracle it was, to find healing and keep my health…an answer to the prayers of many a person seeking a solution without side effects…” Mr C.N. 2002


Thought you do not need to cleanse the intestines and body regularly?

The more people I see for Dark Field Live Blood analysis, the more grateful I am for a phenomenal ‘tool’ in seeing proof of these little invaders (yeasts/moulds/parasites)– and the need for regular detox and cleansing.

This road started in 1982 (Truths about Detoxification) and it is now 36 years later! Tens of thousands of people did the Micro-sweep and Intestiflora cleanse, to kill and sweep out invaders from the intestinal region (small and large intestines) and the body.

Thought you do not need to do this 6-monthly cleanse?

Read more in the book: Truths about Detoxification – that I needed to write many moons ago.

Who are most prone to this imbalance and need a cleanse?

  1. Had one course of antibiotics somewhere in your life?
  2. Use cortisone or HRT or the contraceptive pill?
  3. Went through a pregnancy?
  4. Stressed?
  5. Travel?
  6. Eat sushi?
  7. Diabetic/sugar compromised situations?
  8. Had cancer treatment?


There are more to write about:

Symptoms you may show:

  1. Poor concentration, hyperactive, craving sweet/starch/fermented food/alcohol
  2. Neurosystem compromised: depressed/fatigue, stress, low libido, bad short-term memory?
  3. Chronic infection somewhere in the body?
  4. Feeling sluggish in the mornings – struggle to get up and move?
  5. Tongue coated/yellowish/white?
  6. Chronic skin problems
  7. Pain: arthritic/muscle disease
  8. Allergy – hay fever, asthmatic/sinus?
  9. Metabolic problem?
  10. Headaches/compulsivity/
  11. Bowel/digestive problems
  12. Cardiovascular and other organ problems


Let us not beat about the bush – we all need this regular anti-yeast/anti parasitic/deworming again twice per year for 1-2 months (Micro-sweep and Intestiflora)

Seeing is believing – a research worker told me the other day. “And now I believe”

Dark Field Live Blood analysis – for more on your health – the living proof of which supplement and which diet and which route we follow with you.

Valuable ‘side effect’ to detox the right way (with Micro-sweep and Intestiflora) is that your weight may be sorted out for the coming spring/summer season.

Contact us at / email or personal in-room evaluation is possible.

Read more in the books available: Truths about Detoxification, Truths about Restoration/pH, Truths about Neurosystem health & Truths about Immunity.