Walk again within 3 days! – Retreats are for healing and Rejuvenation

Retreats are for healing and for rejuvenation!


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This week Mr D… booked in from Sunday evening up to Wednesday.

He was bed ridden for many weeks – in a wheel chair from the airport to the car.

The Inner Fruits healing plan for cancer (detox, oral and intravenous vitamin therapy) is implemented together with a fresh juice and gourmet raw food kick start. This is done for at least 40 days and for 20 years we have seen the same story!

On day 2 he started slow walking, and on day 3 he moved into the Tabernacle garden time and again.

He thought the raw fresh juice / food was given so often that he almost did not have time to even think of hunger.

Talks on health, DVD’s on health and also spiritual matters leads to body, soul and spirit attended at the same time.

Need to feel your best?   Book in for the next retreat in May 2017

This is a Gourmet raw food retreat – every day awesome demonstrations on:

raw kale chip making, raw lentil burgers, raw mushrooms with tomato pesto, 5 different kinds of pestos for salad & more!

Contact us at Tel 0861 779977 South Africa (suret@innerfruits.com)

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