We Tend to Forget Parasites and Candida yeast


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The Tygerburger, Wednesday 17 November 2004

Do you struggle with chronic health conditions? Di you know that Parasites and yeasts (Candida) are often a missing diagnosis when people struggle with chronic disease, cancer, bowel problems, a weak immune system and even recovery from glandular fever or tick byte fever.

People become infected with parasites when exposed to their eggs, which can be transferred by shaking hands with a person, by touching escalator roller bands, by kissing and sexual contact, by not washing hands after using the toilet, by touching pets and playing in sandpits.

Undercooked meat and raw fish, especially sushi that is not cleaned by well-trained people, are also sources of parasites.

One in four people worldwide are infected with parasites such as roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, ringworms, pinworms and many more. Only 25 of the 300 varieties can be seen without a microscope. Many of the microscopic types cannot be erradicated by maintream anti-worm agents.

Parasites are in the background of cancer, and they cause symptoms such as fever, coughs, asthma, intestinal problems, anaemia, pain, skin eruptions, glandular fever, bowel /digestion / weight problems, energy problems, lack of concentration, teeth grinding, sleep disturbances.

Flukes and flatworms are often found in the blood of AIDS sufferers, making lesions in the lungs and hemorrhages under the skin. They are the background organisms that cause more problems than the HI virus itself.

June Wiles, a parasite expert, notes: “Parasites are vermin that steal our food, drink our blood and leave their excrement in our body to be reabsorbed into our blood system and contribute to toxic built-up.

As parasites feed predominantly on junk food such as sweets and refined carbohydrates (such as white bread), reduce these from your diet and increase your intake of fibrous foods -salads, vegetables and fruit.

Candida is another mould – like organism which causes the so – called  ‘missing diagnosis’ and the same kind of chronic infections that parasites are linked to.

People who live a busy and stressful life need regular cleansing and replenishing. Parasites are to be removed twice per year in the same way that we do a good house cleaning.

Popular de-worming  / anti – yeast brands wipe out large parasites. However the herbs in Micro-sweep is needed to clean sweep our intestines and effectively rid us from microscopic parasites, which harbour in the digestive tract as well as some organs. The writer, a medical scientist, can be contacted at 0861 779977

Suret Morkel

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