Why Live Blood Analysis

Dark Field Live Blood Analysis:

Your blood analysis report consists of results of Live blood sample under the microscope oil immersion lens of Dark Field microscope. This microscope differs from a Bright Field Lens used in mainstream medical and pathological tests.

We do not diagnose/treat and work solely on your terrain.

What is my Terrain?

French physiologist Claude Bernard in the 19th century, used the term for the body’s internal environment

(the watery body of us includes 70% water, blood, lymph and the fluids inside of and between the cells).

When the body is acidic or alkaline (balance) its electric/magnetic charge is either maintained or changed.

This acidity will determine level of poisoning, nutritional (oxygenation), delivery of oxygen into our cells, the detoxification of poison out of cells into the blood, and the status of each cell/organ and more. This means health or disease.

I like to use the concept of the swimming pool in our garden:

When we see microbes/worms in the pool (and algae) the acidity can be tested – to be wrong.

Changing the pH / acidity (either alkaline or acidic) means tomorrow morning – no algae or worms/microbes.

Did they jump out? No, they just died as their environment is changed and they do not live in that environment.

Same concept happens when looking at the soil and plants in our garden:

Unhealthy nutrient deprived soil means weak sick plants

Add the compost (natural) and the plants thrive

The human body: same

Terrain (blood, lymph, area between blood and cells) unbalanced/acid or alkaline:

  • Digestive stress
  • Toxins build up (detox with Micro-sweep)
  • Microbes build up (parasites/yeast/others in the blood)
  • Hormones bad
  • Immunity bad
  • Neurosystem problems (sleep, stress, depression, anxiety etc. etc) -headaches
  • Skin bad – also auto immune diseases
  • Cancer and other degenerative diseases

Chemical / pharmaceutical medication is not the long- term option.

Pharmaceutical drugs can only relief pain for a short time period, relief nasal discharge, relief sleeping problems – but soon it may escalate into more problems.

We all need the good soil and good pH regulated water in our pools – to make our gardens and our pools flourish.

What we do not do here!

We do not identify microbes as such and then link them to one disease (as in mainstream medicine).

We change the environment where they like to live/eat so that they cannot grow.

We work in the following ways:

Diet, Detoxification, Oxygenated blood and tissues, Water intake, Minerals, Fatty acids, Nutrition and more.

A few microbes, however, is part of what I, as a microbiologist, investigated for the past 35 years, and will always give first attention to that during your 1st month detox.

Candida yeast

There are opportunistic organisms and their existence trigger (via your usage of antibiotics, sugar, cortisone, wrong foods, certain medication, stress …)  many other opportunistic infections, with result other microbes also start to flourish. They cause the chronic diseased/uncomfortable situations or conditions in our bodies.

Disclaimer: The live blood analysis report is not a medical diagnostic procedure. The information provided in this report is not to diagnose or treat. It does not replace medical/pathological testing and advice. We work with the medical profession. We work with diet, detoxification and life style changes.