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Why do so many of my friends get cancer

Now at last proven by science why there is such a rapid rise in cancer rates among the healthy.

Just Eradicate the Cancer making Factory!

Do you also have several co-workers, friends, and family members even – who had recently been diagnosed with cancer?

And you watched in horror as they underwent sickening treatments – of which many did not survive?

Many moons ago when I (Suret Morkel) did post graduate studies in microbiology one of our lecturers had a final question in the final exam;

What do you think cause cancer and explain?

I wrote… more scribbled … why I know it is the Candida microbe. But 25 years too soon, with news like this! I knew it was too early for the world to hear this, and now ‘Voila’ the news is spreading fast.

Read here;


bookstruths   candida yeast and rest


Do you suffer from any of these or all?

  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Fading memory
  • Constipation
  • Bad breath
  • Allergies
  • Chronic infections
  • …………….and more

(Read more in the first book written 12 years ago;

 “Truths about Detoxification”)


Microbiological imbalance occurs in our intestines due to various reasons.

Even just stress can increase the imbalance that we already have.

It is now given in a recent review Critical Reviews in Microbiology that this bug “is capable of promoting cancer by several mechanisms.”


You always wondered why a small babe or child can also get cancer?

here is the answer.

At Inner Fruits the Truth about Detoxification principals which, we started to promote in 1996, is all about this imbalance. If you do this regularly you may be safeguarded to a large extent.

I am so glad that I am not alone in this walk any more – here what is given also by Angela Salerno, Executive Director from the Institute for Natural Healing. It is also in the book I wrote many moons ago “Truths about Detoxification.”


  • Triggers that cause this hidden cancer-bomb to grow. You’re likely doing at least two of them right now.
  • foods that wipe out this infection. And can also kill cancer cells.

Yes, believe us – this is not smoking or excessive drinking (that can aggravate the situation yes) or lack of exercise.

It is also about your feeling;

  • Irritable,  tired, fading memory, constipation, bad breath, allergies, chronic infections, sugar high’s and low’s and more….

In one study, the Journal of Infection candida yeasts were found in at least 88% of cancer patients.

It’s a mould/yeast type of microbe that lurks in your intestinal tract.

candida yeast moulds

A recent review study in Critical Reviews in Microbiology admits that it “is capable of promoting cancer by several mechanisms.”

Pioneering doctor Milton White theorized that cancer is “neither the result of a virus nor the consequence of an inherited gene defect.” Candida as the real cause.

At least 70% people are already infected. I (Suret Morkel) wants to say it is close to a 100% of people, for somewhere in your life you did get a course of antibiotics.

Antibiotics wipes out your soldiers, the good flora, and immediately cause the cancer causing yeasts and parasites to grow in your intestines (small and large). From there it spreads in different shapes to the blood system and everywhere in the body. Parasites go hand in hand with the yeast imbalance (that is why a little girl of 3 years old became almost mad, for the tiny parasite was photographed – and found encapsulated but alive in her brain. They visited me in 1997…)

The same programme which eradicate the yeast also eradicates cancer.

Everybody has the overgrowth because everybody had somewhere in their lives a course of antibiotics.

There are catalysts that cause their multiplication and spreading. This is the reason that we have seen here, at Inner Fruits such quick results regarding cancer treatment. Sometimes within 5 days, and most of the time within 40 days!

Taking a probiotic (or flora) product and thinking that this is going to do it for you, is having hopes high. For the past 20 years in practice I always said, “…there is the Truth about Detoxification” – come and see me or do an email evaluation.


Why Healthy People Get Cancer

These yeast type of microbes attach themselves to normal healthy tissue in the body. Then, using their tentacles, they drill into your cells and suffocate them of life-giving oxygen. These microbes adhere to the same cells where formerly the good friendly flora was, but they died along the road…. where we make unknowingly wrong decisions…unknowingly!


They work on DNA level, and also leave their excrement (79 different poisons) into our blood system. According to a review found in the British Medical Bulletin, even cancer causing mycotoxins are found.  

Leaving their excrements

  • Candida produces ethanol that destroys the enzymes cells need for energy, with result oxygen depletion and tiredness! Our liver cannot detox the poisons fast enough – and this contribute to tiredness, thickening in the corpus callosum and brain fog.
  • In that low oxygen environment cancer grows very well.
  • Candida causes inflammation with result free radical formation and disease like cancer.
  • They grow from medication that is promoted by that and those whom we trust to lead us in health care! (Vaccines, Antibiotics, Cortisone, Hormonal treatments. Steroids, Chemotherapy and even Surgery!) alias the scientific journal Pathogens’ report

Many a proof of this Anti – Candida /yeast campaign is given by The Institute for Natural Healing who venture outside the mainstream medical system to find real cures – the same way that we do here at Inner Fruits since 1996.

Cancer Treatments

Most of our clientele who was told to firstly go through all the mainstream cancer treatments never came back to us. Somewhere on the line of chemo and radiation the body cannot handle all the poison and weaken.

Ever wondered why would a small child of 3 years old get leukaemia? There is always a reason and the reason is so small and easy to treat!

Mary’s daughter was just three-years-old when she was diagnosed with leukaemia. Thankfully her doctor didn’t give her sickening chemo or radiation. Instead, he treated her with his own anti-fungal treatment. And it worked. The little girl survived and thrived.

Most oncologists would never confirm this, despite the evidence that their treatment may become a very long tiresome and hurtful road of pain, nausea and then not making it…

So many of our clientele did the natural plan we give; followed the detox diet, did their follow up consultations and too many are still thriving today. Some 12 years after their cancer was diagnosed! Many just threw away pills given at hospitals! That was their choice (I never force any treatment on anybody!)

At Inner Fruits I have seen the following for the past 18 years!

Bone cancer miracles, Stomach, Breast, Intestinal, Colon, Cancer behind the eye ball, Cancer all over and distributed – if only people will come the moment they received the diagnosis!

This natural treatment we promote is too easy and too inexpensive.

My policy is just that you do this twice per year! Every 6 months, together with the anti-parasite and deworming agents we suggest! We also introduced vitamin C intravenous since 1997 – a product that we researched here and is available per appointment and script. (But this is another story).

Anti-yeast and anti – parasitic programmes twice a year; Do your dogs and other pets as well! A few vets in Cape Town already know this and buy the Micro-sweep and Flora from us regularly!

IF Micro sweep 90caps

Imagine a ‘treatment’ plan that cost R345 twice per year COMPARING to the hundreds and thousands of rands for chemo and other cancer therapies!

Inner Fruits profits were heart-breaking low for many hears, (if there was ….) but we trust the shift is here, for people, in general, want to hear the same story from somewhere else as well! And the proof comes from all over the world now – the Truth about Detoxification the right way.

Profits in natural anti-candida treatments is low. That’s most likely why it’s shunned.

  • we work with correct detoxification, supplements, intravenous vitamins, fruit, salad, fresh juice extracts, vegetables and natural ingredients that do not bring profits the way pharmaceutical drug companies sell their stuff.

We also believe that we kill the cancer making factories.

Doctors at Johns Hopkins have reported that antifungals are effective in even late-state prostate cancer cases.

Micro-sweep is an anti-fungal but completely natural and herbal. in fact the ingredients in Micro-sweep is world wide now being acknowledged to be anti- malaria and anti parasitic plus lately I read that the same ingredients are now known to operate against cancer cells!

One study found that anti fungal treatment stops tumour growth by up to 50% and could be “a promising new cancer therapy.

A study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology found that anti fungalds shrunk tumours and reduced cancer cell growth by 45% in patients with basal cell carcinoma.

But that’s not all…

  • Dr Tullio Simoncini, an oncologist from Rome, identified the link between candida and cancer. His research suggests the pathogen forms tumours to shield itself from the body’s immune system.
  • And then there’s Dr Meinolf Karthaus, head of haematology and oncology at a leading German hospital. He watched three different patients with leukaemia suddenly go into remission after they received antifungal treatments and only very low dose chemotherapy.
  • Gerald Green, an immunologist from Sussex, England and published author on the subject, concluded that candida is a primary cause of cancer.

Micro-sweep is that natural anti-fungal treatment, without doubt. Some years ago I found on the internet that the ingredients in Micro-sweep is now proven to not only work effectively against malaria and tropical diseases (anti – yeast and anti – parasitic is what we use it for)  but also against cancer. I wonder how many people did that link!

Then the flora need to be introduced Live flora!

IF Micro sweep 90caps   lactic acid bacteria

Healthy flora need to coat the intestines and act like soldiers. But introducing them before you have taken Micros-weep (that kills and sweeps out the bad microbes) is worthless. First clean sweep out the bad guys…

candida yeast cells 001

and then introduce the flora.


Why in general do the health problems not clear up?

Fungi can ‘hibernate’ Fungi can double their quantity in 30 minutes through cell division and mycelial growth -Our life style and eating habits can provoke them to grow. Fungal just grow again after your next course of antibiotics against the stupid flu. Know of somebody who struggle with athlete’s foot or white coated tongue? Chronic infections?

Triggers that bring on the yeasts/fungi and parasites;

  • antibiotic for common cold and flu

Get Inner Fruits Natural Immunity plan (Olive – Immune and Vit C Ph 7 plus day minerals-Mineral-wise and night minerals such as ZoëNight) when colds and flu pop up). Besides the mineral part in ZoeNIght it also has 2000 iu Vit D per capsule which halt the metastasis of cancer cells.

When worse infections come – Intravenous Vit C is the next add-on

Antibiotics kill soldier type of bacteria in the intestines, and then create an environment for candida to thrive. The Cipro type of antibiotic is proven to devastate gut flor for an entire year.

IF Olive Immune 60caps  IF Vit C pow 128g IF MIneral wise 60caps 001 IF ZoeNight 60caps

 Clientele back report: One woman is still constipated after a course of antibiotics last year! One person had to start using reading glasses within a week on a course of antibiotics for an abscess to the root of her tooth.

Study: A study showed that women who took antibiotics for 500 total days over a 17-year period had twice the risk of breast cancer as those that took none.

How does it work?

Good friendly flora is killed by antibiotics. But the good flora was supposed to produce butyrate (fatty acid compound that protects your colon from inflammation…and tumour development – (yes I believe sincerely that cancer starts in the digestive system!)

Killing Candida: Stop This Deadly Pathogen Before You Get Cancer.

Spit first thing in the morning into a glass of water. See the slimy produce coming up there. That is just one sign of candida yeast in your body. There are many more signs (do get the book “Truths about Detoxification”).

Common Foods That Feed Candida

Candida loves sugar, starch (white refined flour), take-away pies, starchy foods, and ice cream! They even grow from

the ‘sugar’ message in artificial

sugars and healthy artificial

sugars! (Do not let anybody tell you that fruit cause candida growth and subsequently cancer growth. The sugars in the right fruit (not very sweet fruit) are enzyme coated and enhances liver and pancreatic health.

Candida loves the refined wordly sugars and cancer cells thrive on sugar! A vicious cycle that can quickly grow out of hand. But for some reason, mainstream doctors completely ignore this.

The food in the hospital given to cancer patients make cancer grow!

I had a personal experience in a hospital when a small procedure had me in there for two nights and two days.  Of course before you enter a hospital you are asked what you cannot have to eat.

On my list was, gluten, milk, sugar, animal protein. 

I knew they would not give attention to my list in time, and the first meal in 36 hours would be on day 2 – 12 o’ clock.  So my rooms were just next to the hospital and I arranged for a fresh juice extract and a vegetable soup to be put in the freezer at work.

On the appointed time when I could have my first ‘meal’ after 36 hours, in came a very flushed dietician from the hospital kitchen. But we have nothing here to give you now … where I said, “Yes I knew this would happen, so can you heat up what my receptionist will bring in ten minutes’ time, thanks.”


I went to talk to the hospital director within a week, but of course nobody is really interested to truly work on the health of a hospital patient….

I visited a friend in hospital with terminal colon cancer.

Custard, jelly (containing preservatives and sugar), honey, peanuts, peanut butter, dried fruit (not sun dried), chocolate milk and hard cheeses – all the wrong foods are given to cancer patients and especially to our children!

That’s like pouring gasoline onto an already blazing inferno!


A few Foods that you Must Have every day!

  1. Spice (curcumin) or borrie (in Afrikaans). An in vitro study suggested that an extract of it is just as effective against candida as pharmaceutical drugs. (Without the potential side effects like nausea, itching, hair loss, and seizures.) And this same compound killed almost 100% of in vitro prostate cancer cells in just 96 hours in another study. 100%! I prepare kale chips with plenty of curcumin – and keep them – after they had been dehydrated – in my freezer! What a delicious way of eating curcumin together with greens  even babies love this chipscurcumin kale chips  
  2. Broccoli –cancer and anti-inflammatory.  It is a natural immune system enhancer!


3. Coconut oil Anti-fungal properties in coconut oil, (similar to fluconazole), containing lauric acid – which attach fungal cellular walls

in vitro study published in Cancer Research showed that this same acid destroyed 90% of colon cancer cells in only 48 hours.

These are just a few – read more and contact us for your personal health evaluation!


Test yourself with a glass of water- spit in it when waking up and see the threads/strings of fungi floating in the water (Yeast!)

saliva glass water test

Herxheimer reaction when the yeasts and parasites die off

Some people feel really groggy when they kill the yeast with Micro-sweep and use flora to introduce the natural soldiers against candida yeasts.

These fungal pathogens excrete toxins in your system when they die. The result? Fevers, chills, Skin rashes, Hives, Brain fog- Flu-like symptoms.

And when really getting the flu during their detox – off there they go with another course of antibiotics!


Get the Immunity Sheet, Olive – Immune and Vit C powder Ph 7 FROM Inner Fruits!

Did you know that stress is deadly for intestinal balance and make Candida grow!

IF Neurest 60caps

Chronic stress triples your chances of dying before your time.

In an animal study by the Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory Immunology Journal.

It does this in two ways.

  • First, stress releases the hormone cortisol, which raises your blood sugar levels. As we’ve already seen, candida feasts on sugar (as does cancer).
  • Second, chronic stress taxes the adrenal glands. Weak adrenals equal a weak immune system. That leaves you wide open to a systemic candida infection.

This is also fattening! Wondered why you eat so little and yet never lose that excess weight?

I did this personally – after many years of wondering why I do not lose weight.

I started to inject myself with Methylcobalamine (and other B-vitamins) under the leg skin – subcutaneously. A drop of this phenomenal injectable (which we researched for the past 8 years together with a pharmaceutical plant) contains 2500 mcg B12 in the methylated form. I injected for 3 weeks – every other day. I lost 3 kg in 3 weeks, without changing the diet much (only started taking also 3 fresh juice extracts in-between meals instead of tea with rice milk).

Cortisol overproduction can be restored with Methylcobalamine injections and enzyme therapy via fresh juice extracts.

(Read more in two of our books – lovely recipes

Forty Days on Fresh Juice & Raw Foods


raw boek

especially this latest one called,


The Purple Pomegranate & Plum Detox” book

by Suret Morkel  The Low Glycaemic Detox Plan

blueberries 1. Purple Blueberry smoothie granaat heavenly fruit rooi bessie roux rooi pruim detox boekie


 The natural cure for cancer via fresh juice extracts and the right colour of fruit, salad, vegetables and foods – yes even black rice is included here).


In Calendar form; desktop (52 week calendar)

roux calendar

Recipes on how to introduce health foods for your baby from the age of 6 months to 18 months. A 52 page – calendar – to keep forever on your desk at work. See each week (52 weeks in the year) which foods to introduce, and take photos as you feed baby these lovely foods; This calendar contain Recipes of Spinach chips, fresh juice (Spinach juice with GD apples), Almond milk, healthy ice lollies, smoothies, combinations of food tasting lovely to babies, winter soup and more). Space on each page to stick a photo of your baby when introduced to each fruit/vegetable/fresh juice extract and even kale chips.

See that your diet includes on a daily basis;

  • Red, Dark blue, Black coloured foods – as mentioned above already. Get this lovely book available from Inner Fruits (The Purple Pomegranate & Plum Detox for cancer patients).
  • Water 
  • Two to three Fresh vegetable/Juice extracts are lovely during day time – but as the day passes, start taking water! But this only happens after the first forty day detox and health evaluation with us!
    • Relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit
    • Essential oils combinations can work at cellular level and release trapped emotions in the limbic brain. This happens in the same way that healthy raw colourful food does for us against cancer and candida.  Certain essential oils (Oregano, Artemisinin, Grape fruit seed, Clove, and more) in fact wipe out this fungus and stop cancer cells from cloning themselves. We have a combination essential oil product which is custom made for you against the yeast, even if it occurs locally (vaginal and penile) besides drinking this with water ()  Read more on our other website.  Do attend one of our Garden Ministry mornings – put your name on a list and when this happens (once a while) we can email the invitation to you.
  • Some herbs are anti – cancer and anti – yeast fighting! Do a personal health evaluation at Inner Fruits (see on the website – forms to fill in). We can determine which of our product range would benefit you most. Not only can some herbs fight stress, but also kill certain strains of the yeasts and many parasites!

Get Rid of a Candida Infection Now

How people feel after the True Detox?

Yes, since 1996, when we started the natural healing facility at Inner Fruits I have been talking about the “True Detox” – why?

Because at that stage people were not ready to hear about worms, parasites, little yeasts and more microbes that grow in their intestines and make them sick. We just gave them the principals mentioned in the “Truth About Detoxification” book!

How will you feel after the bi-annual detox?

  • More energy to work and play.
  • A happier you
  • less mood swings or none.
  • Better brain performance.
  • Aching joints gone.
  • Digestion issues gone.
  • Skin cleared up.
  • Younger
  • Chronic infections dealt with
  • Food cravings dealt with
  • Better sleep
  • Mouth hygiene met! (that white coated tongue was another sign…)

I have seen personally how many of the cancer patients who visited Inner Fruits since 1997, did the full plan we give them. They still live today.

And I have watched in horror how many do not even take the ‘often free’ health evaluation to just come and listen what we want to tell them.

Make your personal health evaluation come true today – access what is available for you – per email or personally at our rooms in Cape Town northern suburbs.

Scan our two websites for more – a library indeed!  Click on News/ Health Matters / and then 4 categories to surf on for a week (Truths about Detoxification; Truths about Restoration / acid; Truths about Neurosystem Health; Truths about Immunity – yes Cancer and Immunity goes hand in hand).

When I say, do not give your child fluoride toothpaste or marshmallows, I mean it! They can be so happy on healthy foods as well! We also!


Contact Inner Fruits for your Natural health evaluation (see category on the website and fill in the form there)  then click on health evaluation

Your health is important to us. Let us walk this road with you!


Suret Morkel   Natural health practitioner/microbiologist/medical scientist

Inner Fruits Tel 0861 779977/0739000347 /

List of Books by Suret Morkel

Inner Fruits (

Your health is important to us!

SA rand


*Truths About Detoxification – first edition 110 70
Truths About Detoxification – second edition (more detox info incl.) 80 50

*Truths About Restoration Book II (acidity)

75 50
*Truths About Neurosystem Health Book III 70 45
*Truths About Immunity Book IV 70 45
*Healthy Hormones & Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy 75 50
*A-Z of diseases (by Suret Morkel, Esther Mngxekeza and Daphlina Jijana 70 45
*Pheed plan (Healthy eating plan for lower-income groups) 75 50
Daniel Fasting – For Healing, Intimacy & Breakthrough (vegan recipes) 130 100
*A New Look – New Feel: Forty Days on Fresh juice & Raw Foods (raw food) 110 70
Refresh Me with Apples – Prophetic Poetry Unveiled 100 70
Truths about Healing for Revival to Come –The Tabernacle Walk of the Royal Priest & Bride (in a Tabernacle Garden) colour photos of the Tabernacle garden on each page! 280 175

Anointing of the Royal Priest & Bride

With oils I wooden box


Honey Anointing (Book II) on the Seven Spirits of the Lord (includes Honey pure oil) 150 90
Barley Anointing (Book III) on the Seven Spirits of the Lord (includes Barley/Frankincense oil) 170 120

When the Word became Fragrant (Book + 15 oils)

With oils in wooden box


When Science and the Bible met – The Art of the Apothecary 100 80

Baby (Babbalossie) 52-week Calendar or introducing health foods, fruit, fresh juice, healthy vegetables and recipes;

52 weeks of introducing pets, animals, songs and new family members.

Spaces to fill in your own baby’s photos when eating health foods and encountering the special moments on his/her life journey.

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