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Winter purification/ cleansing/ protection & health pack

Trip Winter Pack; On Special now!

against colds, flu, germs, nasal congestion, protection and more. This trippack contains 9 essential oils for your & kiddie’s health!

  • Purify me Lord oil
  • Eucaluptus oil
  • Mikvah room/toilet spray
  • Pottery burner

Ps 51:7, “Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean. Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.”

1 Kings 4:33. Solomon mentioned the hyssop and the cedarwood as examples of extremes (hyssop smallest plant), and cedarwood (largest tree) – that both springs out of a wall. It was used in purification and protection, also in the cleansing ceremony of the sprinkling of purifying water produced by the ashes of the red heifer:

Numbers 19:6, Moses wrote these inspired instructions regarding the mysterious sacrifice of the Red Heifer:Then the heifer shall be burned in his sight: its hide, its flesh, its blood, and the offal shall be burned. And the priest shall take cedarwood and hyssop and scarlet and cast them into the midst of the fire with the burning ashes of the heifer. Then the priest shall wash his clothes, he shall bathe in water, and afterward he shall come into the camp; the priest shall be unclean until evening.

**Read more on the ‘red heiffer, the blood of Jesus cleansing us and the times we are in now: Anointing of the Royal Priest & Bride book and 8 oils by Suret Morkel and especially Purify me oil 2nd part of the tabernacle walk for deeper intimacy as well as the part on the Red Heiffer…addendum .

Exodus 12:2/Hebr 9:19/Lev 14:6 Besides the mixtures of blood, hyssop and scarlet wool for protection, (striked at the doorposts), many people used hyssop to disinfect and cleanse the houses of the sick.

MRSA is the term for Monster Drug eating Super bugs:

An article was published where Essential oils controlled the growth of monster drug eating super bugs. Microbiologists at the Manchester Metropolitan University refined and compounded the oils used – initially only to mask smells in the ward (Wythenshaw hospital) diffusion spray of essential oils not only cleansed the air in the ward, but caused a 90% reduction in counts of airborn bacteria and no MRSA infections over a 9 month trial. When the spray was taken out in the final two months, counts of MRSA levels increased in the air and there was an outbreak of MRSA in the ward.

Hebrew 19 Here we read how redemption cannot take place without purification with blood, as all the ‘vessels – us, the priesthood now – in the tabernacle was sprinkled with blood, scarlet wool, and hyssop.

  • Die 8 bestanddele in die Purify me Lord olie en roomspray (MikvaH) is bewys maak bugs dood
  • Dieselfde bestanddele is in die Mikvah baddens in ancient Israel gebruik vir purification rituals (hyssop, cedar…)
  • Ons gee nie al die geheime weg nie maar hierdie olie en roomspray in jou burner gaan beslis help teen verkoue bugs en kieme van ander in jou omgewing
  • Koop hierdie Trip pak en hou jouself – jou kantoor en omgewing kiemvry
  • Sprei bokant jou in die lug by openbare toilette
  • Vryf die olie in jou hande
  • Gorrel 1 druppel purify me olie in een eetlepel water vir kiemvrye mond en keel-die ingangs areas waar kieme in jou liggaam gaan
  • Smeer druppeltjie in die neusgange

Purify me oil R75

Eucaluptus olie 5ml R33- verdun 1 tot 10 met olyfolie vir ‘n 50 ml volume!

Mikvah roomspray 5ml R80

Burner pottery R110 (50ml)

The set now for discount – contact us for Winter Health Pack Special

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