Word for 2010

Word for 2010 – Make much of time

John 15 / Is 58/61

Walk into My garden – to and fro-

Back and forth

Make much of time

For I prepare My bride

And cleanse and heal her –

in her body

In her soul and in her spirit.

Like grapes being pressed

to release best and quality wine

You may feel you have gone

through a mighty press?

A shaking – like never?

Abide in Me

Allow me to prune as well

For this brings forth much

Prepare to give more of yourselves

More – regarding your gift (s)

More – regarding the situations at work

Be there for those in need

Those who need Me

I am spreading My net over My people

You – who will look after one another

You will never lack

Even though this net

May seem to have a hole

For a moment

I will still send My crows –

To feed you.

It is to strengthen your faith

For only faith carries you across

The Veil – into My arms

Where I can consule

Where I can talk…

Listen – for My voice is often

The turtle one – listen.

Listen –

Prepare to move into the darkest

Purple smog of My secret place

There where you may dance with Me

In the blue flame…

There where brokenness

is part of My

road with My bride

Any spirit of heaviness

– danced away.

Time is little and I come for a

Bride – with doves eyes –

Fixed on Me only

Into My dove cove

But for a time

Love as I love you.

You – My love

Know that I love you

My chosen one

My peculiar one

My bride whom I set apart

It is good – to be one of a few

A remnant – beautiful

Once through, you will carry My glory

On your back (Is 58)

You have taken in much

Allow My oil to flow now

You have soaked for long –

Too long

Enough is enough

Be the least as you move

Move in unity

For this brings continuous flow

Of My oil and blessings.

You will learn now – to be

Sly as a serpent

And soft as a dove.

Give your life to your spouse

To your children

and family members

To a friend –

the greatest form of love

A love almost incomprehensive

Giving – giving

And loving – also to those

who do not love you.

by Suret Morkel


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